Monday, December 5, 2011

Wizzard of Oz ornament swap coming soon in 2112

We have 7 people signed up for this already and promises to be a fun swap! Contact Kathy for any info needed.  I believe these will be around the 5-8 inch sized oranments, all made by hand , usuing various mediums.
heres a list of characters to choose from.. we will make each person playing one of the character you choose.. say 7 sign up you make 7 of your character :) these are ORNIES!! not full sized dolls..your choice of medium to make them.. any ?? hollar..feel free to add to the character list!!

Dorothy  Jean in Ohio

lion...Judy Reynolds
scarecrow Debbie Vance

Glenda good witch..Pammi Counts

wicked witch.. Kathy K

ruby slippers..........


flying monkey   Cindy Boyenga

tin man    Donna Anderson

Christmas ornament Swap 2011

Be sure not to miss seeing the ornaments we swapped for christmas this year! I will be posting them at the Cubby Hole,  . the gals did a wonderful job and were very creative! I am still adding new ones as they arrive, so come back again to see them all!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

How to attach a picture

on your initial post

1) make a statement about the photo you took and have already saved in your computer desktop, my pictures or documents..etc..

2) Go under the post and click attach file ( you will seeit on any new post you make at the bottom)

3)this will take you to the uploading area....shows you how much space you have left...where to find old photos ect

also has the area to upload thr picture you have saved already to your computer..either in deasktop, my pictures, my documents...ect...this will show under Browse click here to select where you are taking the picture from

4) Click upload and wait a minute until done ...then click done your picture will then be uploaded for the post you initiated Under that post click Post

For those that don't have delphi plus but have a blog...I upload  it on  your blog site  , then copy past the picture  to a del[phi works!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Setting Up A Delphi Signature

 As a Delphi member, you can set up a signature that will be appended to every message you post (in all forums). The signature can be simple text, or it can include an image. Here's how:

Text Only

Go to the My Forums page Click on the "My Preferences" link (left side of page, toward the bottom).

Scroll down to the "Personal Signature" area.

Type the desired text in the box.

Scroll down and click the "Apply" box.

Image (and Text, if Desired)

Finding an Image
The first step is finding an image to use. The file must be in GIF or JPEG (JPG) format. If you have access to a scanner, you can scan a photo, drawing, etc., to use in your signature and save it on your computer's hard drive. There are also many copyright-free images available on the internet. Please DO NOT link to an image file stored in someone else's space if you use an image from a collection. Instead, right mouse click on the image and save it to your computer's hard drive. The image file should be less than 20KB (20480 bytes), the smaller the better.

Storing the Image
Now that you have an image to use, you must store the image file on the web. If you already have space available on your internet provider's server for a homepage, you can use that space. If not, you can use the free member homepage service available here at Delphi. How?

Go to

Scroll down and click on the "Create or Update Your Personal Homepage on Delphi" link (on the left).

Scroll down to "2 - Title Section."

Click the button for "Uploaded Image."

Click "Here" where it says "to upload press Here."

Click the "Browse" button and select the image file from your computer's hard drive.

Click the "Upload" button.

Scroll down and click the "Publish" button.

Click on the "My Forums" link at the top right to return to the My Forums page and do the next step.

Adding the HTML Code to Your Signature File

Click on the "My Preferences" link (left side of page, toward the bottom).

Scroll down to the "Personal Signature" area.

Enter this code if you have stored your image file in your Delphi free homepage space:

Love, Silly

Replace "SILLY" with your Delphi membername (see blue bar at top of your "My Preferences" page for your membername if you don't know it).

Replace "sillypic.gif" with the name of the file you uploaded (images saved in JPEG format will have a ".jpg" at the end, so the file name would be "sillypic.jpg" instead).

Try the height and width numbers as they are here. When you post, check the image. If it looks too wide or too tall, you can change the height and width amounts.

Replace "Love, Silly" with any text you'd like to add to the image, or just delete it.

Click on the "Contains HTML" box just below the text box.

Scroll down and click the "Apply" button.

That's it!

Modifying the Signature File

To change the file name or height and width tags, simply go back to the My Forums page, click on "My Preferences," and edit the text in the "Personal Signature" box.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

What Is Mosty Posty???

Carole Hymer is the moderator that will be doing this contest, and special gifts from members will be used to award the person that has the most post hits in a month's time. Some months it will be announced we are doing this...and other months a surprise mosty posty will be given, or not done at all..we never know!  .Carole is a sneaky one...we'll never know what she is up to!
any questions? contact ..Carole Hymer

Swap information Schedule Dec 2009-Oct 2010

I will post signups when the swaps are starting so watch for them.. please dont send emails or post till they i can keep track.. THANKS

Kathy Kirian

nov: Christmas ornie , quilt blocks ...CLOSED!

Dec o9 signup 11/1-6 due 12/1

Secret Santa and Card swap

Jan '10 signup 12/1-6 due 1/22

pincushion 10 per group

Feb '10 signup 1/1-6 due 2/1

love in a bottle..everything must contain a heart!

Mar'10 signup 2/1-6 due 3/5

unbirthday in a bottle..pamper me with my fav things

April '10 signup 3/1-6 due 4/2

Spring banner ..pendants either fabric or paper decorated Spring.. 6 per group

May '10 signups 4/1-3 due 5/1

Garden swap.. seeds, garden signs etc

June'10 signups 5/1-7 due 6/11

R/w/b.. show your American Pride

July '10 signups 6/1-5 due Aug 1

since this is vacation month how about an Alter my book swap? you'd start with a kids board book(goodwill) gesso it..pick your theme, do the cover.. then there will be a list of 10? you send your book to the first on the list she does a page per what the theme means to her.. and then on to the next on the list.. when it comes home you have a great altered book!

Aug '10 7/1-3 due 8/6

fall bowl fillers 10 per group

Sept '10 signup 8/1-6 due 9/3

harvest pendant banner swap , 7 per group

Oct.'10 sign up 9/1-4 due 10/2

trick me.. bottle swap

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Friends Visiting the Office

We have had many wonderful recipes and pictures shared at the Keeping Room, so I have made some special rooms in our new home to keep all this information. when ever you are looking for something once posted , like a recipe, each room will have the addy of where to go and of course you can always come to the offfice to ask or email Cindy
The Keeping Room   The main House!
The Annex  has~ websites of members and tutorial websites, suppliers etc. ~birthdays as well!
The Parlor has members pictures and their written "about me" info.

The Kitchen has our recipe book, cooking tips and canning info. and related pictures.
The Front Porch is where we will share our gardens,porch and yard pictures. also Seasonal decorations we want to show and tell about.
The Craft Room is where we show latest craft project and ideas, some tutorials by our members, and craft brain storming sessions will be saved here, and of!
The Carriage House. is the only room open to the public. It is where we will feature a member every 1-2 months, spotlighting their work, collections etc.. , teaching others by sharing life experiences, and special talents ( art, poetry .crafts, writings)
The Office is where we will keep the guidelines and sign up dates for various swaps and contests info.
In the months ahead, we will have more rooms to add...including a garage for a garage sale and an attic to post our collectibles . any suggestions are always welcome! Judy has announced plans for a folder that members can direct us to some great shopping from their websites !